dialog broadband packages login

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dialog broadband package login

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Broadband dialog box

https://www.dialog box.lk/broadband

Get 5GB of free data. by upgrading your 3G SIM to a 4G SIM. More information. Sri Lanka’s #1 Network is pleased to announce. 10% BONUS INFORMATION on information Packages & Information Additions! More information. Sri Lanka’s best night information Package. which gives you 3GB data for just Rs.95/-.

Dialog Per Day Home Broadband – Dialog’s official site

https://www.dialog box.lk/home-broadbandprepaid plans

Unlimited Packaging These are Dialog Home Broadband Unlimited data Packages which consist only of the Anytime Data quota. Dialog Per day Home Broadband Customers can activate these unlimitedly Packages repeatedly in packages or one-off in packages based on their needs.

Prepaid packages – dialog box

https://www.dialog box.lk/mobile-broadbandprepaidpackages

Dialog Mobile and mobile Broadband Terms and conditions apply. Customers can text 4G READY & SMS to 678 to check the 4G compatibility of the device and SIM card. Note: Fun Blaster Rs 98/- 14 Days Digital Recharge Activation offers a special benefit with a validity period of 14 days to 30 days.

Postpaid packages – dialog box

https://www.dialog box.lk/mobile-broadbandpostpaid packages

If your network stays with you Dialog Mobile postpaid connection for more than a year, you can request an additional Mobile Broadband package without a refundable deposit. Please note that if your primary voice connection is lost, your secondary mobile phone Broadband the connection is also lost.

HBB Work and Learn Plus packages – Dialogue

https://www.dialog box.lk/work-and-learn-plus-pack

Dialog 4G home broadband packages and prices – Tech Allceylon


characteristics Dialog provide 4G broadband on a device with FREE CDMA phone and 0 (zero) one-time rental Price 2900/- Voice Tariffs Call charges: per second – LKR 1.80/min (excluding taxes)/minute – LKR 1.50/minute (excluding taxes) Incoming: FREE Buy now Call /WhatsApp/ 071 262 8099 (delivery to the whole island) Packages & Monthly rent (+10% Bonus information) Package and monthly…

Dialog Prepaid 4G Home Broadband – Tech Allceylon


Dialog introduced by Prepaid Home broadband with joining fees of Rs.3990/- at an affordable price data packages. You get 20 GB Data completely FREE, valid for 30 days when you buy a connection.


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