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Sprint Workforce Locating to the mobile phone workforce


Sprint Workforce Locating giving you fine control over a dispersed workforce. With our web-based tool, you can locate the driver closest to pickup or delivery, handle more jobs in less time, and notify customers of schedule changes. The slickest field force on the block: Find people and groups with Bing’s local search

Sprint Workforce Locating


Sprint Workforce Locating (SWL) is an application designed SprintSmall and medium business customers who maximize productivity and reduce costs by always knowing current and past locations of workers in the field. SWL offers simple yet powerful features that are easy to use and require little or no setup

Sprint Workforce Locating 8.0 New Features


New Manpower The locator 8.0 includes: • updated PC portal interface • new device portal (Android and iOS devices) • authorized admins can create other admins • Search member and group tab • All admins can request a new password from the app • selectable avatars • unlimited number of saved places

Sprint WFL User Manual c2 pg1 – Sprint Workforce Locating


Sprint Workforce Locating Locate Locate Sprint Workforce Locating to help you manage your own workforce allowing you to use your employees locations true to time. You can then send messages, send instructions to a new one locationsand receive scheduled updates. The Locate All button is available for accounts with up to 25 lines User Guide

Activate the field force on Mobile Manpower Administration


Sprint Workforce Locating. Find, engage and direct your field workers who deliver faster pickups, better productivity and happier customers. Follow yours workforce true to time; Keep in touch, send instructions, schedule tasks, keep communication flowing; Create detailed reports to improve your business; More information

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When participating locations. Requires valid business account, service, valid entry from Verizon/AT&T/Claro/US Cellular/Xfinity Mobile/Spectrum Mobile and credit. If you have canceled voice lines in the last 90 days, please reactivate them first.

Sprint Workforce Locating – T-Mobile for businesses


Sprint Workforce Locating With GPS, you can find, contact and guide field workers like never before – even when you’re on the road yourself. • Find the nearest driver for any pick-up, delivery or service call and handle more jobs in less time • Track people and Teams with Bing Local Search


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